Glock 43 "UNDERCOVER" IWB Holster

Glock 43 "UNDERCOVER" IWB Holster

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All of our holsters are made from durable Kydex® material, and are vacuum pressed resulting in great definition and retention. All edges are rounded smooth and polished. 

Slim and comfortable design, ideal for everyday use. 

Straight draw design.

Adjustable retention holster.  Retention can be adjusted by simply turning the retention screw(s) clockwise or counter- clockwise depending on user preference. 


1.5" Belt clip, but will accept 1.75" Clip as well



All of our holsters are hand made individually.  No two holsters are exactly alike.

All holsters are designed to fit factory equipped guns. Most aftermarket sights will fit due to the holster's built in sight channel.  However, for some reason the weapon does not fit, DO NOT force it.  Contact us first.


*Custom prints and options can be special ordered.  Contact us for details and pricing*